Fittings are important functional elements of any wardrobe, built-in wardrobe, wardrobe-coupe, cloakroom. It follows to several objectives: creation of stylish appearance, combination with design, convenience of use, preservation of long term capacity. That is the reason why fittings for wardrobes are very important. Our company offers high quality, practical, stylish and functional fittings.

Sometimes purchase of fittings is difficult, because it is necessary to take into account various factors. But in our shops it will be easy and quick. There are fittings for various sliding doors and piece of furniture in assortment. You can order fittings in proper size made of plastic, metal, which have high-strength and could cope with heavy pressure.

It is natural to wish to make the appearance harmonious. Our company offers fittings for INDECO systems which conform to all criterions of quality and style. It can be combined with any modern and classic materials, creating original appearance.

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