Any expert will note that there are no insignificant factors during the production process of sliding doors. The size, endurance, functional characteristics and used material are taken into account. It is necessary to make precise calculations. One of the most significant factors is the choice of material for door filling. It determines the cost, appearance, durability and convenience of the use of the construction.

The company Diva-sm SIA offers several materials for filling - glass or laminate, depending on size of sliding doors and on functional or other characteristics. Each material has its own characteristics:

The glass as a filling for doors is most popular, as it has stylish and beautiful appearance. Sometimes it improves natural lightning of space. Decorative film prevents from damages. It is important that glass filling has a significant weight. In comparison with other materials the price of such filling is higher.

The laminate is more practical for almost any size of sliding doors. It is resistant, durable, relatively lightweight and cheap. Visual difference between the laminate and the glass is non-transparence of foundation of the laminate, but with right colour and texture the sliding door with laminate filling would look pretty and impressive.

Our experts take into account characteristic, size and profile of material to choose filling for sliding doors. Wishes of customers and cost of door filling is taken into account. It is important to note that choice of filling for sliding or swing door has significant impact on prices and appearance of casement.

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